sabato, settembre 24, 2005

John's Unofficial Trip Position: Photographer to the photographers.
Where: Ostia Antica
Famous Why?: A massive (truly) complex of uncovered largelyBC built ruins, Ostia Antica is particularly famous for being the spot where St. Augustine conversed with his mother St. Monica in what is arguably the most mystical and beautiful passage of The Confessions. St. Monica would die shortly thereafter. We read that passage of the confessions today at that precise spot of Ostia.
Who is in this photo?: Front: Dannilu. Middle: Monica. Far back: Angela
What are they all taking photos of?: A complicated question. Angela was taking photos of Dannilu and Monica who were taking photos of Danni Ampi, who was up top taking photos of them, while I took photos of all three of them. Confused yet? I am. I suppose the saddest (or best, depending on your outlook) part of this is that this was not staged.

Danni Ampi's picture of me taking pictures of Angela taking pictures of Monica and Danni Lu taking pictures of Danni Ampi. Yes, that is all quite accurate.

Continuation of the "photographer to the photographers" series.

Continuation of "photographer to the photographers".
Location: San Pudenzia basilica. The colours of the exterior of this basilica were extraordinary. The whole time I was just dreaming of having a decent SLR camera. This point-and-shoot with its constant wide apeture is more than a little annoying.

Danni Ampi's accompanying shot to the previous shot.