mercoledì, settembre 21, 2005

Julianism of the Day

In exercising his infinite wisdom Julian has discovered what he has chosen to label--in sequential order from highest to lowest importance--the three pillars of philosophy.

These are:
1) Wine
2) Sleep
... (elipse necessary according to paragraph 58 of the Julian catechism)
3) Rationality

As is to be expected, the consequences of this teaching are sometimes bizarre, since at the dinner table it has been known to occur that a neophyte in the study of Julianism will make the request: "Pass the philosophy please."

This however is heresy, since Julian has made clear the truth that although wine obviously forms the crux of the study of philosophy, and may be thought of as the most weight-bearing of the three columns, the other two are, in various measures, absolutely necessary for the pursuit of knowledge and the love of wisdom. Without one or the other for support, in the end, although it may take some time for the disaster to occur, and the student may for some time keep up the appearance of philosophizing with the support of the sole pillar of wine, the ivory tower will collapse.

Such heretical neophytes have been subject to punishment according to paragraph 2 of the Julian catechism: kaphoozling until hilarity sets in.


Blogger Fidelio said...

Wow, youse guys are funny!

Bring us some nice wine and we'll have an Advent party upon your return.

3:14 PM  

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