sabato, settembre 24, 2005

A portion (2/3s) of the BC dated amphitheatre located in the ancient city of Ostia Antica where Christina Matatics and I today performed the scene of the confrontation between Ophelia and Hamlet. It was a truly lovely experience, and both of us were quite amazed at how easy it was to get into character in the broad daylight in public and on the stage of an ancient theatre. The acoustics were brilliant. Unfortunately, for reasons that I cannot ascertain, the entire panoramic shot did not work out. I am disappointed.

Christina and I running through our lines before performance time. Photo: Danni Ampi.

The performance. The stage was, well, a little larger than Little Washington.


Blogger Kelly Jo said...

Memories! I miss Rome and Oastia Antica's awesome. We watched a German group performing something unintelligible when we were there. Say hi to the pope for me!

10:31 PM  

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