lunedì, ottobre 03, 2005

The Journey To Ischia

The bus-station in Naples. Alright, so it's not that exciting. Unless of course you take into consideration the fact that this is Naples, in the South of Italy, sitting comfortably on the Mediterranean. Then I suppose it's a little exciting. Anyway, it is for all of us. We enjoyed it.

In actual fact, we always knew precisely where we were going at all times. Unless, of course, we didn't. But other than that...

The portent that we encountered minutes after leaving the port at Naples, clearly proving that God favoured our journey. And considering how unbelievably well the weekend worked out, in every possible way, that's not too much of a stretch really.

We encountered some rain on Friday. But it was actually quite lovely. And the following day we had pretty much cloudless skies and everything else that could possibly make Ischia as beautiful as possible.


Blogger Follow my Whimsy said...

I'm not lost! I know exactly where I am. I'm here. I just don't know where "here" is.

2:54 AM  

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