sabato, ottobre 22, 2005

Pilgrimage to the Monasteries of Sts. Scholastica and Benedict

In the town of Subiaco, home of the papacy's former summer residence, the ruins of Nero's giant villa, and the monasteries of Benedict and Scholastica, and ten others, we came upon this unexpected place of worship. The headquarters (or maybe midquarters or footquarters) of the Communist Party. I think the party's office workers were slightly taken aback at the evident glee this find caused our entire group of thirty students.

Walking the steps that lead from the bottom of the mountain up to the monastery of St. Scholastica, and then, a couple thousand steps beyond this first place of meditation, that monastery named after her famous brother, St. Benedict. At the head of this group is our beloved Dublin-native chaplain, Fr. Mark.

Halfway up the mountain. Subiaco is laid out before us, built at the base of, and all the way up a mountain, the whole amazing thing culminates in the fortress of the papacy's ancient and now abandoned summer residence.

Leaving the monastery of St. Scholastica.

The monastery of St. Benedict. The whole fortress-like building is built on the edge of a cliff that houses the famous network of caves, and especially the one cave, where Benedict spent three completely solitary years in meditation and prayer, unknown to anyone but for one man who every day lowered a basket of bread into his cave. The network of caves has since been turned into a intricate series of chapels and frescoes that wind down four or five levels.

Monastery of St. Benedict.

The cave where Benedict spent those three years.


Blogger Donna-Katie said...

The real question we all have, you obstreperous Canuck, is why don't you quit hogging the blog and let poor Julian post once in awhile? :) Love, me

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Blogger The Dude said...

I actually killed Julian in his sleep a few weeks back and I couldn't get his blogger password out of him before I did. In actual fact all recent photos of him are digital manipulations cleverly designed to keep up the illusion of his continued existence for reasons that will soon become apparent.

Love, me.

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Anonymous Theresa said...

I'm sure you did John, because your just that clever.....and I suppose you killed him and will soon take over his identity because you would rather tell people that you were from MN than Canada. I know. And I will not hold it against you. :-P

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Blogger Donna-Katie said...

That wasn't very nice of you. Minnesotans are people, too, you know.

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I know Minnesotans are people....and Jesus loves the little Minnesotans........

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Blogger Donna-Katie said...

And the Canadians.

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