venerdì, ottobre 14, 2005

What can one say to this? The photo stands alone.

The kings of pigeanity.

In Venice,

In Venice

The cover of their next album. Just as soon as they learn to play some instruments. Here we are some many thousand feet above sea level. It was cold, very cold. And if it weren't for the mist Venice should have been distinctly visible about 60 kilometers to the East.

Halfway up the cross, what may look like clouds are not clouds, but are the Alps. I won't try to describe them; go there and you'll know for yourself.

Looking out over Valdobbiadene.

Drinking wine straight from 30,000 liter tanks is not an experience to be lightly passed over.

Mine and Geoff's adopted Italian family. Two of the loveliest, kindest, most generous people I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

The view from the room at the house where Geoff and I stayed. It looks East, straight towards the Meditteranean, looking out over the entire valley of towns and villages and how many thousands of vineyards. And so many dozen Church spires along its length.


Blogger Fidelio said...

Somebody please crop John out of the picture of the Kings. He's ruining Julian's presence.

5:39 PM  
Blogger Phantom Seraphim said...

Julian among the pidgeons. I think they remember you, dude...

That is such an awesome shot, especially since the first time I saw Julian, I immediately thought of St. Francis...

[tries to stifle laughter]

6:59 AM  

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