martedì, novembre 08, 2005



On the way to Assisi the boys feel the strange urge to sing the song "Alcohol" by what's-his-face-country-singer-dude at the top of their lungs. They give in to the urge.

One blue gloaming in Assisi.

The view, if I am not mistaken, from Christina's room (Courtesy of Christina)

One rainy night in Assisi. One quickly falls in love with the very buildings and paths, and alleyways and stairways of Assisi.

One foggy morning in Assisi... (Courtesty of Christina)

One foggy afternoon in Assisi.

One foggy morning in Assisi.

The same foggy morning.

On retreat. Unfortunately because we spent three days in silence and contemplation and not taking photos I have very few photos of father Dylan. This is the best one I could come up with. An astoundingly inspiring, and very practical and mystical (the two aren't opposed to one another) retreat master.



Anonymous TheresaMF said...

Unbelievable! Wow! Beautiful!

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