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Uh...girls...turn around. Florence is behind you. No, no, it's not inside your camera...I swear.

Would you hate me if I didn't tell you what they were all looking at?

Claire doing deep things in Florence.

A very weird photo. I love it. The entranceway of a church up on one of the hills of Florence. Amazing singing of Compline by the monks. Haunting and beautiful.

Oh don't ask me the name of the church please. It was in Florence and I could get you there no problem if you put me back in Florence; that much I know. But it was gorgeous. This is just a reminder of the sort of thing we're encountering all the time over here. It is a good lesson on how to give glory to God. 70's architecture with its silly semi-circular structures and slanting roofs, and spinning ceiling fans, can go suck a lemon.

Ms. Erin praying in the gorgeous nameless church.

Oh, all right, it's a photo of me. But it's a photo of me with a $600 Florentine leather jacket (Florence is quite famous for its leather). And no, Cassidy and all concerned sisters may breathe easy; I did not buy it.

Some of the most incredible jazz musicians/guitarists I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. These were not your typical street buskers. I feel like somebody should just give them a million dollars or something for being as good as they are. We gave them what we had, a glass of our wine we had brought up to the hill with the intention of watching sunset fall over Florence. They appreciated that.

A very bizarre picture of some of the girls dancing to the smooth melodies of the very awesome jazz musicians.

Florence by night, after a very lovely sunset and all accompanied by some rather spectacular jazz.

The cathedral in Florence. (Courtesy of Kaitlyn)

Katie moves in on the drummer boys. Chris immediately flies to Florence.

Mrs. Akers, she tried so very, very hard to give a tour on this day. The microphone, it tried so very hard to help. The gods were against her. I won't say much more. I think Julian plans to say more about this in the near future. (Courtesty of Kaitlyn)

After seeing all these statues of this, that and the other thing, I really do wonder why people haven't made more statues like this. Anyway, this photo is awesome. (Courtesy of Kaitlyn)

Some church some where in Florence. (Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn)

The creation of...Clint? Adam? Wait a minute... (Courtesty of Katilyn)


Anonymous Kaitlyn's Mom said...

You should have bought the coat-it looked great. Incredible pictures by an incredible photographer (Kaitlyn).Amen to the comparison between the splendorous cathedrals vs. 70's eyesores. Stay safe and well, Kaitlyn's Mom

10:09 PM  
Blogger The Dude said...

Oh darn! Her name is spelled with a K! She keeps telling me that. Argh!

Anyway, I'm very happy to know you're enjoying this blog Mrs. McCarthy. Glad you took the time to comment.

And $600 is a little more than I can spare for a coat right now. Maybe one day when Kaitlyn makes a few million as a world-famous photographer she can buy the thing for me...I'm not banking on it though.

10:24 PM  
Blogger Phantom Seraphim said...

You guys take some of the coolest pictures. Obviously the coat looked awesome on you, John, but I can understand the money issue...

Once again, the blog of the Rome people leave little to be desired. There are beautiful pictures of the incredible Roman buildings and landscape, descriptions to match, and awesome pictures of people just having fun.


...Why don't they make more statues like that?

7:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonimo said...

Looks almost like the church of the Holy Assumption, although it's been a long time since I've been to Florence. It's in the plaza a few blocks north of the duomo in the Loggia-ed piaza just a block or two away from San Marco?

4:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonimo said...

Also, do make a trip to Orvieto if possible. One of the finest cathedrals in all of Italy and a beautiful town to boot! (although in Italy, most of them are)

-same guy as before

4:25 AM  

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