venerdì, novembre 18, 2005

The Invasion of Chesterton

Mr. Ahlquist hangs out with his best buddy in Piazza del Popolo.

The boys look very, very natural, strolling through the streets of Rome.

Hanging on the Spanish steps, also looking very, very natural. We also took some time to admire the Rolex billboard on the side of the church at the top of the steps.

Ah. Romulus and Remus reunite with their foster-mother.

At the Hassler Roof restaurant. Reputedly Chesterton stayed at this hotel, and ate at this restaurant some eighty-something years ago. At least that's what Mr. Ahlquist told us. I think he just really, really wanted to eat there. I can understand why. I'm not sure that his pocket did though.

Mr. Ahlquist gets cozy with Thomas Aquinas.

Father and son trying very hard to look very cool. I suppose they do a pretty decent job of it.

What is it with Mr. Ahlquist with this gold film guy anyway? I don't know.

Romulus and Remus enjoy the newest edition of Gilbert! magazine, complements of the president of the Chesterton society.

Mr. Ahlquist gives some talk about something or other in some icon shop somewhere in Rome or something. Anyway, it drew a pretty darn good crowd.

My future library. In the residence for American priests studying for their doctorate. They don't know it's my future library yet.

Translating the Latin text of St. Augustine's confessions. Me and Julian got through about a sentence and a half completely unaided. We felt pretty good about it. And after I took the book off the shelf I happened to notice that it was printed in 1729 and promptly freaked out and then spilled my pen with ink all over it. Actually, that's not true. But it was printed in 1729.

Chilling at the our favourite bar on Mr. Ahlquists last night in Rome. Good times. Oh and please ignore the fact that I look like a complete moron. You think you'd all be used to it by now.

Yes, that is a Caravaggio.


Anonymous GG said...

'mirabile dictu' is what I call my bedroom; always finding a treasure.

Been out to Tre Fontane on via Laurentina yet? Sip some of the eucalyptus 'tonic' - un digestif on peut dire.

4:37 PM  

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