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This Past Week's Notice in The Rambler

Ramblings From Rome
Tuesday November 1, 2005

As a consequence of the fact that Christendom's Rome students are on their fall break, moving between Rome, Florence, Assisi, Siena, and a few other places besides, there will be no installment of Ramblings from Rome this week. Tomorrow (Wednesday) morning most of the students will be beginning a three day long silent retreat in Assisi. Both Julian, myself, and all the others ask that you remember us in your prayers, that the next three days will be spiritually fruitful and that we will all be open to the voice of God as we seek his will for our lives in silent contemplation.

John J. Jalsevac


Blogger Phantom Seraphim said...

I'm a huge advocate of the silent retreat. It is one of the best things for anyone, whether materially or spiritually. If used properly, it clearly shows direction in life and re-invigorates the soul. You are all blessed to be able to have that experience.

...It figures that I'm the first one to "break the silence" by inserting comments. Way to go, me...

7:43 PM  
Blogger Follow my Whimsy said...

Here, I'll do it too. I find silent retreats sooooo refreshing. To be able to spend a day or a few days in perfect silence, not having to respond to people and the world really brings one closer to God.

I hope you all had a lovely retreat!!

1:47 AM  

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